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Love And Pride In our Lives

Love and Pride in our lives is peer support service here at United Pride Friends focusing on mental Health and wellbeing so far we have provided a number of Online socials coving kindness and thoughtfulness.


We are now branching out with our Live podcast events which we will also be posting here on our webpage, the first of our podcast focusing on mental health and wellbeing for our self’s as well as those close to us in our lives.

Our first podcast Focuses on looking after our own wellbeing and mental health as well as those close to us in our lives.

We focus on wide range of maters some of these include importance in sharing our feelings having the right people in our lives, the importance that our relationships are balanced and we gain from each other equally. We also look at importance in keeping our self-safe especially when meeting new people these are just some of important maters covered in our first podcast  

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