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Who We Are


United pride friends was first set up in 2019 and is a service to support those who recognise as LGBTQ+ with autism and learning difficulties. Our main reason for the creation of our service is to better serve this part of the community as at present there is very little support out there.

From the creation of united pride friends, we have built up our service and social media as well as our online community.

To achieve the following, united pride friends provides services where members can meet from our fun online webinars, services where we hold fun activities, from competitions to fundraisers. We also hold group sessions, meet ups, trips and participate in many events such as pride where we would all support each other. 



United Pride Friends is run by its members, therefor better serving our members needs and addressing issues they wish to tackle. This principle would always be upheld as a forefront of our service. With our support team being there to aid and advise our members, making sure that their goals and wishes are achieved.

The primary purpose of our group is to provide a befriending service, giving members a safe place to meet new people and make friends. Our group aims to build the confidence of its members through workshops and social events, as well as providing educational sessions.

Our aim is to support and tackle the many issues our community face, such as dealing with loneliness and isolation by making new friends and social circles and supporting each other, as well as supporting them and standing up to discrimination and homophobia. Our aim of making others aware of difficulties faced due to autism and learning difficulties but yet treating them on a same equal footing as others. Our support team are trained in safeguarding procedures and able to provide different types of support to meet diverse needs.


Using our unique experience, we intend to establish a relationship between the wider LGBTQ+ and autism & learning difficulty networks.

Outdoor Birthday Table

"As one equal community, we are so much stronger"

- Mike Chick, Founder

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